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Steffen Recktenwald

M.Sc. Steffen Recktenwald


Applied Mechanics (AME)

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Institut für Mechanische Verfahrenstechnik und Mechanik
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Flow-induced structure formation in surfactant solutions

Flow-induced structure formation in surfactant solutions

Steffen Recktenwald

Surfactants that can self-assemble to form worm-like micelles (WLM) are widely used in home and personal care products, inkjet printing and drag reduction agents or in enhanced oil recovery. Depending on the surfactant concentration, type of salt and salt/surfactant ratio, linear or branched structures can emerge in WLM solutions. Numerous technical processes exhibit complex flow fields with strong elongational components. In such elongational flows, structural changes occur, thus leading to a dramatic change of the flow behavior. Rheological methods, such as the Capillary Breakup Elongational Rheometry (CaBER) and the hyperbolic flow cell are combined with turbidity and birefringence measurements, as well as small angle light and neutron scattering, to investigate these flow-induced structure formations. Based on the results models, which enable to predict these structures depending on the abovementioned material and flow parameters, can be developed.


S. M. Recktenwald and N. Willenbacher
Flow in Surfactant Filaments (Talk)
Joint Symposium of the German Rheological Society and ProcessNet-Subject Division Rheology 2017, March 13-14 2017, Berlin, Germany

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