Influence of conductivity additives and their distribution on the performance characteristics of lithium-ion batteries

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    Anshuman Chauhan

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    DFG - GRK 2218

Spatially Resolved Electerochemical Model1

Kespe, M., & Nirschl, H. (2015). Numerical simulation of lithium‐ion battery performance considering electrode microstructure. International Journal of Energy Research, 39(15), 2062-2074.

Exemplary spatially resolved microstructural numerical simulation of discharge cycle at 2C. The Half-Cell represents the variant df = 1.8, dp = 1 µm. The colouring of the cathode represents the relative lithium concentration related to the maximum concentration of NMC (legend bottom), the differently coloured arrows represent the ionic current density within the electrolyte (legend top)

Numerical Method