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  1. E. Asylbekov, H. Nirschl
    CFD-DEM Simulation of the Carbon Black Distribution During the Mixing Process (Poster),
    ModVal 2018, the 15th Symposium on Modeling and Validation of Electrochemical Energy Devices 12-13.04.2018, Aarau, Schweiz

Aggregate Modeling Algorithm



  1. Defining possible positions via Fibonacci Lattice
  2. Detecting and deleting positions which will result in a particle intersection
  3. Calculating the resulting fractal dimension for every remaining position
  4. Placing the particle at the position closest to the target fractal dimension







Dimensionless particle fracture behaviour

Original particle break (left) and a similar particle fracture behaviour for 10 times larger particles with modified material and fracture properties (right) in a direct comparison. The cluster-detecting algorithm highlights single fragments.