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Tabea Friederike Sinn, Master of Science

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    76131 Karlsruhe


  1. Autonomous Processes in Particle Technology
    Nirschl, H.; Winkler, M.; Sinn, T.; Menesklou, P.
    2021. Chemie-Ingenieur-Technik, 94 (3), 230–239. doi:10.1002/cite.202100059
  2. Grey box modelling of decanter centrifuges by coupling a numerical process model with a neural network
    Menesklou, P.; Sinn, T.; Nirschl, H.; Gleiss, M.
    2021. Minerals, 11 (7), 755. doi:10.3390/min11070755
  3. Scale-up of decanter centrifuges for the particle separation and mechanical dewatering in the minerals processing industry by means of a numerical process model
    Menesklou, P.; Sinn, T.; Nirschl, H.; Gleiss, M.
    2021. Minerals, 11 (2), 1–18. doi:10.3390/min11020229
  4. Centrifugation based separation of lithium iron phosphate (LFP) and carbon black for lithium-ion battery recycling
    Wolf, A.; Flegler, A.; Prieschl, J.; Stuebinger, T.; Witt, W.; Seiser, F.; Vinnay, T.; Sinn, T.; Gleiß, M.; Nirschl, H.; Mandel, K.
    2021. Chemical engineering and processing, 160, Art.-Nr.: 108310. doi:10.1016/j.cep.2021.108310
  5. Investigation of Centrifugal Fractionation with Time-Dependent Process Parameters as a New Approach Contributing to the Direct Recycling of Lithium-Ion Battery Components
    Sinn, T.; Flegler, A.; Wolf, A.; Stübinger, T.; Witt, W.; Nirschl, H.; Gleiß, M.
    2020. Metals, 10 (12), Art.-Nr.: 1617. doi:10.3390/met10121617


1. T. Sinn, M. Gleiß, H. Nirschl

Automatic classification of particles from dispersions in tubular centrifuges (Poster)

International Congress on Particle Technology (PARTEC), 09.04.-11.04.2019, Nuremberg, Germany