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Commissioning of a pilot plant for filter cake removal

  • chair:experimentelle Arbeit
  • type:Bachelor- oder Masterarbeit
  • time:ab sofort
  • tutor:

    M.Sc Patrick Morsch

  • Motivation

    In industrial solid/liquid separation, the removal of fine particles (≤ 10 µm) in a suspension with a low solids content (0.01-1 v/v %) is a challenging and demanding task. This results, for example, in the compressibility of filter cakes consisting of fine particles (< 10 µm) and the influence of particle-interaction as a function of particle geometry and pH-value. Combining this effects, the adhesive forces between filter cake and filter media highly depends on the filter conditions. The following regeneration through cake removal leads to an increasing difficulty by prediction of the required backwash pressure and volumetric flow. 

                              a)               b)

    Figure 1: Building up (a) and removal of (b) a Filter cake


    Framework of this thesis are the installation and upgrade of a vacuum filtration plant. These includes the investigation of the backwash treatment by a chosen filter media - particle system. Furthermore, an orientation in the topic of solid/liquid-separation with a focus on cake removal is required. The cake removal will be evaluated optically.

    Aim of this work is:

    • Build-up of a vacuum filtration plant

    • Start-up and upgrade of this plant

    • Investigations with different particle systems and filter media

    • Objectively evaluate and compare the cake removal


    You should be interested in mechanical process engineering and practical work inside a mechanical workshop and laboratory. Experience in construction and measurement technology (LabVIEW) are beneficial, but not necessary. In the area of image evaluation, we will be supported by members of the photo laboratory.

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