Experimental investigation of the use of pleated filter media in a filter media test rig with regard to operating and emission behaviour

Surface filters are used in various technical processes to separate particles from a particle laden gas. The particles are mainly separated on the surface of the filter medium and on the already formed dsut cake. A main focus in the operation of surface filters lies on particle emission and the stable operation.
Besides flat filter media, folding (pleating) the filter media can be used to increase the filtration area while having the same filter installation size. This method is commonly used to create compact filter systems with a large filter surface area. When using pleated filter media or pleated filter elements (e.g. cartridge filters), certain problems occur during operation (e.g. insufficient regeneration, unstable operation), which are mainly due to the pleating or the pleating process itself.
The understanding of this influence on a small laboratory scale is to be transferred to existing pilot plants as part of a scale-up in order to support plant engineers and filter media manufacturers in the future.

In this work, the influence of pleating on the operating behaviour is to be investigated in a filter media test rig (DIN ISO 11057). In addition to the direct influence of pleating, the influence of different geometric designs on the operating behaviour is also of relevance. These findings are the basis to determine suitable parameters for the scale-up process.

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