3D Printed All Solid State Li-ion Battery

  • Contact:

    Bo Chen

  • Project Group:

    Group Applied Mechanics

Conventional Li+ batteries use organic liquid electrolytes, which have relatively low ionic resistance, leading to some drawbacks such as safety issue, insufficient lifetime, high cost, and low power density. Cells utilizing solid electrolytes can circumvent these issues. So-called all-solid-state batteries with solid electrolytes are considered to be the new generation of devices for energy storage. But there are still many challenges on the road to an all-solid-state battery. One such challenge is identifying a solid electrolyte that has sufficient ionic conductivity without being too soft or too brittle.


The aim of this project is to demonstrate that an all-solid-state battery can be fabricated based on ceramic/polymer hybrid electrolytes. The fabrication process will be drastically simplified by directly printing the ceramic scaffold using the innovative capillary suspension concept to design a printable ink. The ceramic scaffold will be printed as a structure providing improved mechanical strength of the scaffold. The polymer will be chosen which enables easy impregnation and providing high thermal stability and beneficial mechanical properties. Finally this should result in a new concept for all-solid-state batteries with improved conductivity and mechanical strength, while at the same time saving material, reducing weight, and simplifying the production process thus offering new possibilities for industrialized processing.