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Dipl.-Ing. Harald Wiegand

Research Associate
Air-Liquid Interface Systems

Gas-Particle-Systems (GPS)

Phone: +49 721 608-46569
harald wiegandVdv4∂kit edu

Institut für Mechanische Verfahrenstechnik und Mechanik
Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)
Geb. 30.70
Straße am Forum 8
D-76131 Karlsruhe

Research Topic

Development of an electrostatic precipitator capable of targeted deposition of nanoparticles in an air liqiud interface

Air-liquid interfaces (ALI) are the preferred way of exposing cell cultures in vitro to particles under conditions resembling the uptake of aerosols through the respiratory system. On the other hand they are also more complex to operate than submerged systems. Aside from the having to provide a suitable environment for the stress-free survival of the cell culture, one needs to know the efficiency and rate of particle deposition from the air flow onto the cells – which depend on size and operating conditions – in order to calculate an exact dose. This makes an accurate characterization of such exposure devices quite challenging.
The main focus of this project is the development of an electrostatic precipitator with integrated ALI and effective and well-known deposition efficiency. The determination of the administered particle dose and the realization of a highly effective particle transport into the liquid are not satisfactorily solved. Despite the fact that particle precipitation using particle growth through condensation is a very powerful tool, electrostatic precipitation has its advantages by costly and reactive aerosols. The aim of this project is the construction and testing of an electrostatic cross-flow separator with effective and well-known particle deposition rates depending on the operating parameters.
















Bachelor or Master Theses
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Title Author Source

L.C. Stoehr, P. Madl, M.S.P. Boyles, R. Zauner, M. Wimmer, H. Wiegand, A. Andosch, G. Kasper, M. Pesch, U. Lütz-Meindl, M. Himly, A. Duschl

Environmental Science and Technology, 2015, 49, 8721-8730

H. Wiegand, J. Meyer, G. Kasper

Toxicology in Vitro, 2015, 29 (5), 1100-1106

Conference contributions
Title Chair Author

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H. Wiegand, J. Meyer, G. Kasper

Jahrestreffen der ProcessNet-Fachgruppe Gasreinigung und des TAK Aerosoltechnik

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