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Core Competence - Gas Particle Systems (GPS)

Partikeln auf Faserkreuzung Nanodots auf Traeger Nickel_TEM U_Falten_Tomographie Schlauchfilteranlage


Our expertise lies in the handling of gas particle systems and in investigation, measurement and adjustment methods of material and functional particle characteristics. Main areas of interest are:

  • gas cleaning via filtration and electrostatic precipitation
  • selective functionalization and characterization of aerosols from nanostructured particles, e.g. in view of catalysis or interparticle forces
  • development and advancement of particle measurement techniques.

Applications of gas cleaning are found in energy management (e.g. high temperatures), motor vehicle technology (high power density, durability) or in the separation of product aerosols (e.g. elevated concentrations). The panoply of investigations of functional particle characteristics aims for one at the development of catalysts and redispersibility, but in particular also at new methods of real-time process control.

Our strategy combines explorative fundamental research with user oriented technique development. On-line measurement techniques play a decisive role.




Collection of Water Droplets on a Fiber

Water drops forming on a poorly wetable 44 µm stainless steel fiber due to deposition and coalescence of a submicron water mist aerosol. The water drops drain periodically under the influence of gravity, when they exceed a certain size. The aerosol flow is from the left at 25 cm/s.






Head of the Gas-Particle-Systems Group:



Prof. Achim Dittler 
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Achim Dittler