Stabilität disperser Systeme - Grundlagen

  • type: lecture
  • chair: Applied Mechanics
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    Geb. 50.31 Raum 210

  • time:

    Di. 14:00 - 15:30 Uhr

  • start: 20.10.2014
  • lecturer:

    Erin Koos 
    Claude Oelschlaeger

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  • lv-no.: 22916

Stability of Dispersions, Emulsions and Foams


1. Basics

- Entropy and Brownian motion, diffusion, sedimentation
- Thermodynamics of surfaces, interfacial and surface tension, wetting, Gibbs adsorption isotherm
- Colloidal interactions, van der Waals-atraction, dispersion forces, electrostatic interactions, DLVO-theory,
   polymeradsorption and steric interactions, depletion attraction

2. Dispersions

- Elektostatic and steric stabilization
- Flocculation and coagulation,
  rapid coagulation (Smoluchowski-equation),
  slow coagulation,
  flow-induced coagulation

3. Emulsions

- Emulsionification
- Stabilization by surfactants, polymers, proteins, solid particles (Pickering stabilization)
- Creaming and sedimentation
- Coalescence
- Ostwald-ripening
- Phaseinversion

4. Foams

- Structure and topology
- Coalescence
- Disproportionation
- Drainage
- Filmstability und –collapse

5. Practical examples

6. Experimental methods

- Optical methods: static and dynamic lightscattering, turbidity, DWS
- Centrifugation
- Elektrokinetics
- Dielektric spectroscopy, conductivity
- Ultrasound, rheology, calorimetry
- Static and dynamic foamtests




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