Teaching (DPE)

The courses offered by the group cover the fundamentals and advanced methods and concepts of digital process engineering as well as automatic control and optimization for the bachelor's and master's degree programs offered by the Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering. The courses integrate modern numerical and symbolic design tools to meet the requirements of computer-assisted system design and system simulation in education. The methodological competence of the students is deepened by exercises, practical courses and project work. Concepts and methods of project-based teaching are integrated into the profile and specialization subjects supported by the working group.

An overview of the courses offered can be found on the following pages:

- Courses offered in the winter semester
- Courses offered in the summer semester

Furthermore, the DPE group offers final theses from a wide range of topics. This includes methodological work, numerical-simulative work and their integration within the implementation for experimental realizations. An overview of currently offered thesis topics can be found at:

- Bachelor/Master Theses

Furthermore, the research groups offer the possibility to work in current research projects as a student assistant. If you are interested, please contact the secretariat of the DPE group, directly the group members or the head Prof. Thomas Meurer.