Studies and Teaching

The Institute of Mechanical Process Engineering and Mechanics offers numerous courses as part of the two academic programs chemical engineering / process engineering (CIW / VT) and bioengineering (BIW). The spectrum includes lectures and associated exercises, internships, project works, as well as seminars and excursions.

An overview of the courses offered can be found at:

     Bachelor's degree programs (CIW / VT / BIW)
     Master's degree programs (CIW / VT / BIW)

Furthermore, the MVM constantly offers a variety of theses from a wide range of topics. This includes both experimentally oriented work and work with a theoretical, simulative or constructive focus. An overview of currently offered thesis topics can be found at:

     Bachelor /Master Theses

In addition, all working groups offer the opportunity to work on current research projects as part of a student assistant job and thus get to know practical research work up close, and also to implement and expand the knowledge already gained. And there is also money for it! If you are interested, please contact the administrative assistants of the working groups or, if you are particularly interested in a single research project, the project manager.