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Services offered by the Institute for Mechanical Process Engineering and Mechanics

 The institute has a long-standing experience in the domain of particle characterization (size distribution, specific surface area, etc.), and in the determination of rheological characteristics. To a certain extent, this know-how is available to other university institutes and to customers from the industry.
The contact for off-line particle analyses is Mr. Klaus Hirsch.
Particle on-line analyes and rheological measurements are at the responsibility of the respective research groups (see below, a first contact can be established via Klaus Hirsch).

If possible, the  laboratory for magnetic resonance imaging accepts orders for measurements regarding stereoscopic structures, flow fields, temperature fields, etc. The contact here is Dr. .

Our workshop has a long-standing experience in CNC-manufacturing and laser welding among other things and accepts outside orders. Please contact Mr Olaf Jörg.

Services Offered - Gas Particles Systems (GPS)

  • SEM and TEM investigations
  • Filter test rigs for investigations of the filtration behavior of surface and fibrous filter media
  • Determination of particle size distributions of disperse systems
  • Test measurements on location

Process Machines - offered services

Wir bieten Messungen und Untersuchungen zu

In Hochschulkursen vermitteln wir jährlich aktuelles Wissen der Fest-Flüssig-Trennung.

(siehe Kurse und Symposien)


Applied Mechanics (AME) - Services offered

Measuring methods and expert's assessments of the Division of applied mechanics are available on a limited scale for serviceorders from the industry or other research establishments.

Contact: Bernhard Hochstein oder Norbert Willenbacher