The Institute for Mechanical Process Engineering was founded in 1957 and its first chair was held by  Dr.-Ing. Hans Rumpf. Initially, the institute belonged to the department for Mechanical Engineering. In 1962 the institute moved into its own newly contructed building (30.70). In 1967 the institute became part of the newly founded  Department for Chemical Process Engineering. Finally, in 1980 the Institute for Mechanical Process Engineering and the Institute for Technical Mechanics merged into the present Institute, Mechanical Process Engineering and Mechanics, short MVM. 


Central fields of activity are processes in disperse systems (particle tecniques in liquid and gasborne solid and droplet systems), rheological procedures in complex formulations as well as the respective measurement techniques.

The institute comprises 3 chairs: Applied Mechanics (AM), Gas Particle Systems (GPS) and Process Maschines(VM).

Our staff members are accommodated in four separate buildings (for details consult the pages of the different groups or the staff pages). The institute owns a comprehensive infrastructure in the domain of particle measurement technics and offers its services to the whole university and to the industry.

Together with 5 further institutions, the institute supports a laboratory for magnetic resonance imaging, which deals with the application of magnetic resonance imaging in engineering today.