Alexander Wilhelm Schwarzwälder, M.Sc.

Alexander Wilhelm Schwarzwälder, M.Sc.

  • Institut für Mechanische Verfahrenstechnik und Mechanik
    Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)
    Geb. 30.70
    Straße am Forum 8
    D-76131 Karlsruhe

Research Topic

Numerical and experimental investigation of filtration, coalescence, and transport behavior in liquid-gas separation with special emphasis on mechanical vibration excitation

The challenge in droplet filtration is the combination of different process steps consisting of the impact of the droplets on the fibers, the formation of fluid films by coalescence processes, and the run-off or detachment behavior. Due to the interactions of the individual mechanisms, the prediction of the total separation as well as the pressure drop behavior is challenging.

By means of experimental investigations, the basic understanding of the processes in coalescing filters under periodic mechanical excitation on the microscale will be investigated on a single fiber. In particular, an isolated droplet, the intercation of two droplets and the behavior of a real droplet chain on an excited fiber will be considered in the investigations. The highly dynamic process is observed adequately in time with high-speed cameras.

In cooperation with the Chair of Fluid Mechanics at the University of Wuppertal, the experimental results are compared with numerical calculations.


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Conference Contributions
Title Conference Authors

Jahrestreffen der DECHEMA-Fachgruppen Aerosoltechnik (AT), Gasreinigung (GAS), Mehrphasenströmung (MPH) und Partikelmesstechnik (PMT)

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FILTECH 2022, The Filtration Event

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