Dimensional analysis of the cleaning pulse intensity in a surface filter test rig

  • Author:

    J. Binnig, A. Bredin, J. Meyer, G. Kasper

  • Source:

    Powder Technology, 2011, 211, 275-279

  • A set of five non-dimensional parameters was developed to scale the pressure pulse intensity in test rigs for flat-sheet surface filter media. Four of these parameters link geometrical proportions of the clean gas section of the device, the media permeability, the ambient pressure and the tank pressure. The fifth parameter, related to valve opening time, is shown to be insignificant during practical operation. Experiments show that the scaling laws for the pressure pulse signal are reflected accurately by this set of non-dimensional parameters. The measurements were performed on a VDI type testing unit in various combinations of geometrical and operating parameters and with three media permeabilities.
    The results imply that differences in regeneration pulse intensity between filter testers which differ substantially in any one or more geometric proportions, such as those according to the VDI and JIS norms, cannot be reconciled by adjusting the tank pressure to a definite value.