Influence of filter operating parameters on fine dust emissions from pulse-cleaned filter bags

  • Author:

    O. Kurtz, J. Meyer, G. Kasper

  • Source:

    Chemical Engineering Technology, 2016, 39, No.3, 435-443

  • Dust emission and operating behavior of a pilot baghouse filter operated in Dp-controlled mode were investigated for a range of tank pressures and different cleaning sequences at filter ages up to 5000 cycles. The emitted mass per cycle decreased by one order of magnitude with filter age and fourfold with decreasing pulse intensity. Cycle times also were reduced with cleaning intensity by one order of magnitude. There was no decisive advantage of increasing or lowering the cleaning intensity with regard to emitted concentration. In the long run, stable operation is crucial to maintain low emissions because a significant shortening of filter cycles would outweigh any decrease in emissions with filter age.