Comparison of surface filter test rigs according to VDI 3926 and JIS Z 8909-1

  • Autor:

    J. Binnig, N. Mao, J. Meyer, M. Hata, G. Kasper, C. Kanaoka

  • Quelle:

    Filtration, 5/4 (2005), 253-258

  • Two test rigs for pulse jet cleanable filter media were compared with regard to cycle duration, residual pressure drop and particle emission level. The two rigs each reflect a standardized design for evaluating cleanable filter media, and differ mainly in the design of the respective regeneration systems. the standard test protocol included 5000 cycles of accelerated aging; media tested were singed and calendared polyethylene felts. Particulate emissions were recorded in real time by an optical particle counter.
    Test results during the first 30 cycles before aging agree well, both in absolute terms between the rigs, and for the media relative to each other on either of the rigs. After aging the two rigs differ by factors of about 1.9 and 0.75 respectively, for cycle duration and residual pressure drop for each of the two media tested. The largest differences arise from the particulate emission levels, both before and after aging. The gap between the rigs widens substantially with aging, for all performance parameters.