Filter movement during pressure pulse regeneration - A comparison of flat media and filter bags with regard to cleaning intensity and acceleration

  • Autor:

    S. Sobich, G. Kasper, J. Meyer

  • Quelle:

    FILTECH 2015 International Conference & Exhibition for Filtration and Separation Technology, Cologne, 24.-26.02.2015, Abstracts G3

  • Efficient regeneration of filter media is essential for their effective operation. In order to understand and predict the behaviour of filter bags based on laboratory scale measurements with flat media samples, the movement of flat needle felt coupons during pressure pulse cleaning was compared with that of filter bags.

    A measurement system based on a high frequency distance sensor will be described to capture the movement and acceleration of flat filter samples and filter bags with high temporal and spatial resolution. The system also calculates the maximum dust removal force. In parallel, a synchronized high frequency pressure sensor also captures the momentary pressure on the clean gas side.

    The system is used to determine the movement of filters for a range of tank pressures, valve opening times, face velocities and different levels of dust loading. The media velocity profiles are also correlated with the pressure. Based on the measurements, the media movements are fitted to models based on the theory of damped oscillations for both the flat sheet rig and a bag house filter to predict maximal acceleration and deceleration values of the filter during regeneration.

    The purpose of the exercise is (a) to obtain rigorous data for the exact moment and uniformity of cake separation vs. pressure signal, (b) to compare bags with flat media and to optimize test rigs.