A novel device for single particle light scattering size analysis and concentration measurement at high pressures and temperatures

  • Autor:

    H. Umhauer, J. Meyer, A. Schiel

  • Quelle:

    Part. Part. Syst. Charact., 2008, 25, 119-135

  • Based on the findings of previous work, a novel instrument was developed for the size analysis and concentration measurement of particles dispersed in gases at high temperatures (600 °C) and pressures (16 bar). The main motivation for the construction of this device was a measurement requirement at the conditions of a pressurized pulverized coal combustion (PPCC) test installation in Dorsten, Germany. The development of a high efficiency (> 50 %), coal based, combined cycle process, and specifically, the development of efficient gas cleaning technology for gas combustion under demanding conditions (1400 °C and 16 bar) was the main target. A suitable measurement technique was required for the determination of particle size and concentration downstream of the gas cleaning equipment, which is able to operate close to the given conditions. The performance of the novel device was tested in several measurement series with various monodisperse aerosols at ambient conditions as well as in high pressure, high temperature situations with very satisfactory results, i.e., the lower detection limit (50% counting efficiency at ca. 0.3 µm) and resolution of the novel device are comparable to state of the art instruments (of the same principle) intended for room temperature operation.