Humidity considerations in filter testing based on analysis of filters from gas turbine applications

  • Autor:

    A.D. Schwarz, J. Dutzi, P. Weber, C. Sattler, K. Schulz, T. Caesar, J. Meyer, A. Dittler

  • Quelle:

    Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2022, (open access)

  • Depth filters used in multistage filter systems adeptly clean the intake air of gas turbines, preventing damage and increasing performance. However, estimation of their service life is based on empirical data and/or standardized testing procedures, e.g., ISO 16890. By applying standardized synthetic test dusts at constant reference humidity, these testing procedures do not reflect application-typical loading conditions. Based on a direct comparison with field data, the influence of temporary exposure to high relative humidity on differential pressure and particle deposit structure is investigated. The results indicate that simulating humidity variations of the ambient atmosphere during filter tests leads to particle deposits, which more accurately reflect the actual behavior during operation.