Experimental detection of particle structures detachment from a strectchable single fiber during multiple consecutive stretching cycles

  • Autor:

    L. Poggemann, J. Meyer, A. Dittler

  • Quelle:

    Separations 2022, 9, 168, https://doi.org/10.3390/separations9070168 (open access)

  • The deposited particulate material within a fibrous filter affects the pressure drop which develops through three different stages. The implementation of a time-adjustable matrix is intended to cause detachment of particle structures from fibers within the upstream layers at low flow velocities. The deposited particle structures are transported further within the filter and clear up void space for an extension of filter service life. As in previous studies observed fiber stretching initiate cracks and following detachment of particle structures with a simultaneously applied airflow. For complete detachment of the particle structure, five consecutive stretching cycles are performed in this study. The elongation velocity, the flow velocity and the particle loading are varied. Using an image analysis technique and a laser-light measurement technique simultaneously, the cumulative fraction of detached particle structures and the size of detached particle structures are determined. A high initial particle loading on the fiber induces early detachment of larger structures from the fiber. The size of detached structures is increased by the increase of the elongation velocity. The mean value remains almost constant whether the elongation velocity or superficial velocity are increased. For small initial structures on the fiber, a decrease in superficial velocity causes detachment of larger particle fragments.