The influence of aging protocol on the filtration behaviour of cleanable filter media

  • Autor:

    J. Binnig, J. Meyer, G. Kasper

  • Quelle:

    FILTECH 2007 International Conference & Exhibition for Filtration and Separation Technology, 27.02.-01.03.2007, Wiesbaden, Germany, Proceedings, II 336-343

  • In recent years, the filter testing standards used in Germany (VDI 3926), Japan (JIS 8909-1) and the USA (ASTM D6830-02) have adopted accelerating aging procedures as part of the filter testing protocol. The accelerated aging methods are based on very short filtration cycles with a duration of typically five seconds. It is necessary to investigate systematically whether such extremely short cycles are reasonably representative for practical filter operations.

    Experiments were conducted on filter tester VDI 3936 Type 1 as well as with full length bags in a small filter chamber to determine the relevant filtration parameters (cycle duration, ∆pr, emission) for different aging protocols, different dusts and different filter media. It is shown that a time interval of five seconds between pressure pulses is too short and that time intervals in the range of 30 seconds are more representative for filter aging at realistic operating conditions.