Conclusions on the operation behaviour of bag house filters by comparison of flat filter discs and filter bags

  • Autor:

    O. Kurtz, G. Kasper, J. Meyer

  • Quelle:

    WFC 11 - 11th World Filtration Congress, Graz, Austria, 16.-20.4.2012, Proceedings G07

  • When comparing multi bag filter houses with laboratory-scale test rigs, there are huge differences in operation and filtration behaviour. Unadjusted operation parameters of the filter units contribute to these differences as well as systematic design differences. The filter units differ in filter confectioning, distribution of filter cake thickness, continuously varying volume flows and diverse deviations in cleaning conditions. After adjusting basic operation conditions in a flat sheet filter unit and a multi bag filter house, the remaining systematic differences can be studied. Indicators like cycle times, local velocities, particle emissions, filter permeability and transient differential pressure during jet pulse cleaning are measured on-line in both filter units for several different operation parameters. First experimental data of both systems will be presented and systematic differences determined, evaluated and discussed. Appropriate strategies to enhance surface filtration by reducing factors with negative influence on filter performance will be suggested.