Dust emission and operation performance of pulse cleaned needle felts in a pilot-size bag house filter for different operation parameters

  • Autor:

    O. Kurtz, G. Kasper, J. Meyer

  • Quelle:

    FILTECH 2013 International Conference & Exhibition for Filtration and Separation Technology, Wiesbaden, 22.-24.10.2013, Abstract Book, 39

  • Due to fierce environmental laws and rising energy prices the possibility to predict and improve the emission and operation behavior of bag house filters becomes more and more important. The introduction of PM10 in Europe, PM2.5 in the US and the likely to come PM1 standards lead to the question, what emission performance can realistically be achieved with a bag house filter (equipped with commonly used filter media).

    To achieve an optimized filtration behavior it is to be determined to what degree operation conditions like tank pressure, cleaning sequence and valve opening time contribute to the emission. Beside the emission behavior itself also the energy consumption, the long-time process stability and the general operation conditions are targets for optimization. The operation aspects are measured in parallel with the emission behavior on a pilot-size bag house filter. The PM2.5 emissions are characterized on the basis of gravimetric data as well as on-line measurements by optical particle counters with a special calibration [1;2].

    The experimental results will be presented and the systematic influences on the operation behavior will be evaluated and discussed. Appropriate strategies to optimize bag house filter operation will be suggested.