Operating behavior of pulse jet-cleaned filters regarding energy demand and particle emissions - Part 2: Modeling

  • Autor:

    P. Bächler, J. Meyer, A. Dittler

  • Quelle:

    Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2024, 47, https://doi.org/10.1002/ceat.202300409 (open access)

  • Baghouse filters applied for gas cleaning are subject to digitalization concepts, including process modeling and the development of digital twins in order to im- prove energy efficiency and lower particle emissions. Modeling equations from literature were adapted to match experimental data from part 1 of this study to calculate the effect of varying filter face velocities, dust concentrations, or tank pressures on energy demand and particle emissions. Based on the model approaches, an operation curve that enables the evaluation of filter operation regarding the trade-off between energy demand and particle emissions can be constructed. The identification of energetically optimal cycle times and favorable operation regions is possible due to the extensive experimental framework of the model.