Integration of cyclones and an optical particle counter into a filter tester VDI-3926/Type 1 to characterize PM2.5 emissions form pulse-jet cleaned filter media

  • Author:

    J. Binnig, J. Meyer, G. Kasper

  • Source:

    Gefahrstoffe Reinhaltung der Luft,  65/4 (2006), 163-168

  • Cyclones with PM2.5 cut-off and a light-scattering optical particle spectrometer were adapted to a test rig in accordance with VDI 3926/Type 1, in order to characterize particulate emissions from pulse-jet cleaned filter media during standard test sequences. The optical particle spectrometer was recalibrated for the test dusts Pural NF and Pural SB to directly provide dust mass vs. aerodynamic diameter in the size range of 0.3 to 20 µm as well as total PM2.5 dust mass with a time resolution of the order of 1 s. The paper describes the measurement set-up; it presents data illustrating the time resolved emission behavior of selected cleanable filter media, and discuss way to present particle emission data from filter media.