02.12.21 - Contribution to the program "defacto" on hr - Corona vs. freedom

With our contribution we could show the importance of the Corona transmission path "aerosol" and clarify: "outside" the risk of infection is much lower than "inside".

Here you can find the link to the broadcast.

SWR Aktuell zum Thema Weihnachtsmaerkte

24.11.21 - SWR Aktuell

Prof. Dittler spoke to SWR Aktuell about Christmas markets. "The pre-Christmas period can be enjoyed more safely outdoors than indoors," was the key message.

Here you can find the link to the contribution.


04.10.21 - End of compulsory wearing of masks in schools?

In the Stuttgarter Zeitung article, Prof. Dittler emphasized the importance of correctly wearing effective masks indoors as a building block for reducing the risk of corona infection.


Begrüßung C. Lacerda
Prof. Dittler and P. Bächler welcome Ms. Lacerda

15.09.21 - Welcome Camila Lacerda!

We are pleased to welcome Ms. Camila Lacerda from the Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil, to the research group. She will spend the next 6 months working on her PhD thesis on current issues in gas-particle separation technology.

14.9.21 - 2nd Main Meeting of the Filterkonsortium at KIT

In a hybrid event, the members of the Filterkonsortium at KIT met on 14.9.2021 to agree on the research content for the next funding period.

Bild eines Klassenzimmers
Primary school classroom

03.09.2021 - Corona: What can air filters do in schools do?

Original sound recording regarding "air filters" - today in SWR2 together with the colleagues from the expert group aerosols.
Here you can listen to the contribution.

Bild Achim Dittler

31.05.2021 - ka-news

Achim Dittler spoke with ka-news about the study of the Charité Research Organisation (CRO) on the corona infection risk in different means of transport.

You can read the article here.

Bild Aerosole

21.04.2021 - There is something in the air

In his function as spokesman for the expert group on aerosols of the state government of Baden-Württemberg, Achim Dittler spoke with the weekly newspaper Kontext about aerosols. You can read the article here.

SWR Aktuell 15.4.2021

15.04.21 - Prof. Dittler at SWR Aktuell

Comment by Prof. Dittler on curfews. Probable means or nonsense?

Here you find the link to the contribution.


31.03.2021 - Television report on fine dust pollution from wood stoves on 3sat nano

In the 3sat nano broadcast of 31.3.2021 emissions from wood stoves were examined in an interdisciplinary way. Prof. Dittler contributed to the report with immission measurements.

Click here for the film.


24.03.2021 - Expert Group Aerosols of the State Government of Baden-Württemberg presents second report

The expert group on aerosols set up by the Baden-Württemberg state government, of which Achim Dittler is a member and spokesman, has submitted its second statement and makes recommendations on aerosols in vehicles, ventilation concepts in cultural facilities and virus mutations.

Here you can find the press release of the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg.