25.-26.03.2024 – Annual meeting of the DECHEMA "Gas Cleaning" specialist group

At this year's annual meeting of the "Gas Cleaning" specialist group, members of the working group presented results from a large number of ongoing research projects in Dresden. They also took the opportunity to look beyond the horizon of their own research projects.



Bild Wanderseminar 2024

17. – 22.03.2024 - Strategy and Research Retreat

For the 31st seminar "Mechanical Process Engineering" the GPS-Group met in Baiersbronn for this year's strategy and research retreat.




16.02.2024 - heise-online

Prof. Dittler spoke to heise-online about how you can determine the concentration of particulate matter in the air you breathe in your own living environment.


07.02.2024 – Nicolas Hafen obtained his Ph.D. degree

We congratulate Nicolas Hafen on his Ph.D. degree and wish him all the best on his further way!


06.12.2023 – Julian Zoller obtained his Ph.D. degree

We congratulate Julian Zoller on his Ph.D. degree and wish him all the best on his further way!



04.10.2023 - Planet Wissen

In the "Planet Wissen" contribution "Fireplaces - cozy & dangerous" Sonja Mülhopt and Achim Dittler explain about harmful wood stove smoke gases.


23.09.2023 – Energiewende Day Stuttgart

Prof. Dittler spoke about the effects of harmful wood stove flue gases on the quality of the air we breathe at the Energiewendetag in Stuttgart with Environment Minister Thekla Walker. Many thanks for the very good conversation.



01.09.2023 – Almuth Schwarz obtained her Ph.D. degree

We congratulate Almuth Schwarz on her successful doctoral examination and wish her continued success.

Jugend forscht Bundessieger 2023

04.07.2023 - Federal winners of Jugend-forscht visits us

Felix Hörner, Felix Makartsev and Michel Weber - national winners Jugend-forscht 2023 - visited the working group Gas-Particle-Systems for an exchange about mobile fine dust measurements, gas-particle measurement technology and fine dust sources. The 3 students of the Lessing-Gymnasium Karlsruhe developed a mobile geo-data acquisition system, with which the fine dust pollution of the breathing air can be recorded.



23.06.2023 - FAZ guest article on emissions from wood stoves

In a guest article for the FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung), Prof. Dittler discusses what emissions wood stoves cause and what this means for breathing air quality in residential areas.



11.06.2023 - Short statement on wood stove emissions for "Bericht aus Berlin".

Prof. Dittler spoke briefly with "Bericht aus Berlin" (report from Berlin) about wood stove emissions that are harmful to health and the climate. You can find the contribution in the ARD media library (from minute 18).



04.06.2023 – Controversy in the boiler room : Why pellet heating systems don't help protect the climate

Achim Dittler spoke briefly with the FAZ about the emissions of pellet heating systems.
Here you can find the link to the article.