Research Illustrated

The Chair Gas-Particle Systems regularly presents the results of ongoing research projects in international peer-reviewed journals and at meetings and congresses.

Recent Presentations

In order to provide easy access to selected results outside these established dissemination channels, we provide short presentations in the form of video files on this page. Thus, individual results of our work, clearly explained, are accessible to all interested parties at any time.

Presented by Topic Related Project
M.Sc. Julia Thieringer Detachment and Transport of Agglomerates in a Single Channel of a Particulate Filter DFG 498308378
M.Sc. Nicolas Hafen Simulation of Particle-Agglomerate Transport in a Particle Filter Using Lattice Boltzmann Methods DFG 422374351
M.Sc. Felix Reinke Short clip of the vortex chamber of an innovative wet scrubber with 3D printed nozzles  


Selected Historical Milestones

Since the beginning of the 1970s, the Chair of Gas-Particle Systems has been working, among other things, on separation processes of particles from solid-laden gas streams, from the basic processes to practical and application-related issues.

Some of these investigations represent significant milestones in particle technology. Although these are documented in publications, valuable material such as analog film recordings also exists, which has not been openly accessible until now. This site therefore makes parts of this historical material available to the general public.

Presented by Topic Related Project
Prof. Friedrich Löffler,
Dr. Heinz Umhauer
Video footage: deposition processes on a polymer fiber, 1971