Self-conception of the Filterkonsortium


  • The (new) Filterkonsortium at KIT was founded in the summer of 2018 by leading companies from the fields of fiber and media production, assembly, plant engineering & measurement technology with the aim of jointly meeting the challenges of an innovative and environmentally friendly dust filter technology with a focus on surface filters.
  • To this end, the members consciously contribute their wealth of experience in application, technology and science.
  • Within the consortium, they pursue the joint scientific and technical exchange as well as the cooperation in the development of standards and guidelines. Current: ongoing updating of the VDI standard 3677 sheet 1.
  • The central topics are the reduction of particle emissions and the increase of the energy efficiency of surface filters through a deeper understanding of the processes in and around the filter.
  • The consortium has set itself the goal of advancing the state of the art in these areas through joint pre-competitive R&D projects.
  • The essential findings for a sustainable and technically meaningful filter operation are carried out by the members (among other things by publications) into the industrial & scientific community.