Innovation and Cooperation

Share experience and use new knowledge

Our goal in the area of innovation is to transfer experience and knowledge from university research into practical application and to create new practical knowledge together with users. To this end, we cooperate with external partners in various formats, from small contract measurements to extensive long-term research collaborations.

For larger innovation projects, we use customized cooperation formats between individual partners and KIT, e.g. in the form of bilateral contracts for contract research or in the context of publicly funded ZIM projects. On the other hand, we cooperate in the field of precompetitive development on filtration-relevant issues with a larger group of industrial partners in the Filter Konsortium at KIT.

In order to make the cooperation effective and fast-reacting, we also frequently use the project handling via KIT Campus Transfer GmbH for smaller innovation projects and analysis and consulting services, a structure that complements the KIT technology transfer units in a tailor-made way. Our TTE Gas Particle Technology as part of KIT Campus Transfer GmbH offers a wide range of services around the topic of "gas particle systems". Based on our comprehensive expertise in the fields of formation, characterization and separation of particles, we support our customers in the analysis of corresponding process engineering problems and develop customer-specific solutions. For further information please click here.