Research in the Woking Group Gas-Particle-Systems (GPS)

In the fields of research, teaching and innovation we deal on the one hand with the handling of gas particle systems and on the other hand with methods for the investigation, measurement and adjustment of material and functional particle properties.

  • The main issues of our current research are:
  • Gas cleaning with filtering and electrostatic separators
  • The behavior of reactive particle systems in separators
  • Further development of particle measurement technology in the context of smart filters
  • Adaptronic in the field of gas particle filter technology
  • Generation of droplets and their separation
  • Characterization, measurement and reduction of fine and ultrafine particulates

Applications of gas cleaning are found in energy technology (e.g. high temperatures), motor vehicle technology (high power density, durability) or in the separation of product aerosols (e.g. elevated concentrations). The panoply of investigations of functional particle characteristics aims for one at the development of catalysts and redispersibility of particle structures, but in particular also at new methods of real-time process control.

Our strategy combines explorative and fundamental research with user oriented technique development.