News-Archiv 2019

Die Projektpartner
The project partners at the kick-off

2.12.2019 - Kick-off of the ZIM project "Development of a resource-efficient scrubber with high separation efficiency for metallic particles from grinding processes"

A delegation from ESTA Apparatebau GmbH & Co. visited the working group for the project kick-off. First project contents were coordinated and the further procedure was planned. We are looking forward to the joint project and thank the project executing agency.

Dirty Hanno 2 ORF1
Hanno Settele interviews Prof. Dittler

21.11.2019 - Contribution to the DOK1 programme "Dirty Hanno 2 - The Legend of Clean Wood"

As part of its reporting on the use of wood, KIT supported Hanno Setttele's report with facts on particle separation from exhaust gases. The KIT contribution can be viewed from minute 19:50. The entire programme can be viewed on the Internet at the following link:

Spendenübergabe Moelter
Handover of the donation cheque

15.11.2019 – Donation of entrepreneurial personality Leander Moelter (founder and former CEO of Palas GmbH) to the working group Gas Particle Systems

Leander Moelter handed over a generous donation to the working group "Gas Particle Systems" for the promotion of young scientists. Invited guests of honour (Dr.-Ing. Heinz Umhauer, Dr.-Ing. Peter Gäng, Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Eberhard Schmidt, Ralf Emberger) enriched the ceremony with entertaining speeches. They highlighted various aspects of the long-standing cooperation between Palas GmbH and the working group Gas Particle Systems. The guests followed the stories with great interest and excitement. We are very happy about the donation and will use it in the sense of the donor. Thank you very much, Leander Mölter!


auf der Filtech 2019
Members of the GPS-Group at FILTECH 2019

22.-24.10.2019 – FILTECH, Coglogne

At this year's FILTECH members of the working group present results of large number of ongoing research project. They also took the opportunity to look beyond their own research projects and establish contacts with companies.

KIT Birthday
Happy Birthday KIT!

01.10.2019 - 10 Years KIT

Die GPS working group congratulates!

Leander Moelter zu Besuch
Visit by Leander Mölter

26.09.2019 – Visit by Leander Mölter

On September 26, Leander Mölter, founder and former CEO of Palas - today a retired entrepreneur and deep-sea sailor - visited the chair. He brought great news, which we are very happy about.



Palas Air-Filtration-Seminar Palas GmbH
Palas Air Filtration Seminar

24.09.2019 – Palas Air Filtration Seminar

Prof. Dittler gave a lecture at the Palas Air Filtration Seminar in Karlsruhe on the consideration of real effects in filter testing.


Filterkonsortium 09-19
Members of the Filter Consortium at MVM

12.09.2019 - Main meeting of the "Filter Consortium at KIT"

The members of the "Filter Consortium at KIT" met today at the Institute of Mechanical Process Engineering and Mechanics to discuss current results from research and development around the topic "Smart Filters" and to jointly coordinate the work packages for the years 2020 and 2021 in an open working atmosphere.

Certificate of Appointment

28.08.2019 - Prof. Dittler appointed Deputy Chairman of the ProcessNet Gas Cleaning Division

In August 2019, Prof. Dittler was appointed Deputy Chairman of the ProcessNet Gas Cleaning Division for the next 5 years.

Verleihung des Emil-Kirschbaum-Preises 2019 an Julian Zoller
Prof. Dittler and Julian Zoller at the handing over of the Master's certificate

12.07.2019 - Emil-Kirschbaum-Award for Julian Zoller!

Congratulations to our colleague Julian Zoller for the Emil Kirschbaum Award 2019.
The Emil Kirschbaum Prize is awarded annually by the KIT - Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering for the best CIW Master's degree and is handed over at the award ceremony.



Artikel in FAZ
Article in the FAZ

28.4.2019 – Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung reports on air pollution

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung reports on a current topic of air pollution, on which Prof. Dittler was interviewed.

Besuch bei Fa. BinNova
Visiting the company BinNova

16.4.2019 - Visit to BinNova in Rudolstadt, Thuringia

A delegation of the GPS working group visited the company BinNova in Rudolstadt for a project meeting.

GPS Members at Partec 2019
Members of the GPS-Group at PARTEC 2019

09.-11.04.2019 - PARTEC 2019

At this year’s PARTEC,which took place in Nuremberg from April 9 to 11, 2019 we presented new research projects and results to a broad specialist audience.

AFS Filtcon 2019 Philadelphia
AFS Filtcon 2019 in Philadelphia-Cherry Hill

1.-3.4.2019 - AFS Filtcon 2019 in Philadelphia-Cherry Hill

At this year's AFS conference in Philadelphia-Cherry Hill Prof. Dittler hold a keynote lecture and chaired a session.

GPS Gruppe St. Leonhard Oesterreich
The GPS-Group in St. Leonhard, Austria

22.-29.3.2019 - Strategy and Research Retreat

For the 29th seminar "Mechanical Process Engineering" the GPS-Group met in St. Leonhard, Austria for this year's strategy and research retreat.

DFG Rundgespräch 2019
DFG round-table discussion "Mechanical Process Engineering"

21.3.2019 – DFG-Round-Table Discussion „Mechanical Process Engineering“ in Clausthal-Zellefeld

Prof. Dittler participated at the annual round-table discussion "Mechanical Process Engineering" of the German Research Foundation DFG which this year took place in Clausthal-Zellerfeld.

ProcessNet Jahrestagung Gasreinigung
ProcessNet annual conference "Gas Cleaning" in Bamberg

14.3.2019 – ProcessNet Annual Conference "Gas Cleaning"

Latest research findings were presented and discussed at the ProcessNet annual conference "Gas Cleaning" in Bamberg. The GPS working group presented several lectures and posters.

Leopoldina Berlin
Prof. Dittler in Berlin at the National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina

21.2.2019 – in Berlin

Professor Dittler travelled to Berlin to attend the constituent meeting of the Leopoldina working group "Limit Values for Air Pollution" which addresses the issue of limit values concerning air pollution with nitrogen oxides.

Besuch bei der LUBW Karlsruhe
Visiting the LUBW, Karlsruhe

05.02.2019 - The air is cleaner than ever

Students and listeners of the lecture "Gas Particle Measurement Technology" could convince themselves of this personally during a field trip to the LUBW (State Institute for the Enviroment Baden-Württemberg) at the location Großoberfeldstraße in Karlsruhe. The students were impressed by the meticulousness with which the immission measurement values are determined and gained many new impressions.



Feinstaubfresser-Säulen am Stuttgarter Neckartor
Fine dust eater columns at Stuttgart Neckartor

18.01.2019 - Measurements to demonstrate fine dust reduction

In the context of a master thesis we deal with the mode of action of the so-called "fine dust eater columns", which are set up at the Stuttgart Neckartor in order to reduce the particle immission locally.