Innovative approaches regarding the optimization of the operating performance of pulse-cleaned baghouse filters for gas treatment

Pulse-cleaned surface filters are used in a variety of applications as a means to separate particles from loaded gas streams for gas purification or product recovery. Two important criteria regarding the performance of the filter systems are energy demand and particle emissions, both of which should be low during optimal operation. Considering the significance of digitalization and Industry 4.0, improved control of the baghouse filter systems is key for an increase in efficiency.

Main requirements for process monitoring are suitable sensors for the measurement of relevant process parameters. Regarding the measurement of particle concentration, cheap and compact low-cost PM-sensors have been established in immission measurement. These sensors can also be applied in baghouse filters to evaluate the emission behavior of distinct filter bags.

The aim of this research project is the measurement of the local process parameters in a baghouse filter system via widely spread sensor arrays to gain insights regarding optimal operation conditions of baghouse filter system.